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News and new album with Agustí Fernández Celebration Ensemble

Posted on 17:39

Hello all. Letting you know about summer activities. Festival gigs in Copenhagen and Antwerpen and two new recordings with Ruben Machtelinckx Ensemble and the project DRIFT with Caroline Bergvall. More information here about these activities. I am also composing a new piece for Speak Percussion from Melbourne and for the ARá duo from Spain. AND, just released on the polish label Słuchaj; Agustí Fernández Celebration Ensemble. Check it out...

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Australia and new Dans les arbres album !

Posted on 17:45

I just came back from a wonderful short trip to Australia, playing solo concerts in Hobart, Tasmania, Sydney and Perth. I really enjoyed the little set with Jim Denley, Cor Fuhler and Melanie Herbert at the NOWNOW festival in Sydney. In Melbourne I started a project with the wonderful guys in Speak Percussion duo, a great review of our concert here. I hope to work more with them in the future. In february I’ll continue my solo tour of 2017 with performances in Barcelona and Castellón in Spain. The new and long awaited Dans les arbres...

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End of the year

Posted on 14:12

Another year has passed and 2016 and I’ve been fortunate to continue my work with my ensembles and to pursue my work as a soloist. At the end of the year I participated on the release, On Anodyne featuring Batagraf and Trondheim Voices. 2017 is looking promising. I am starting the new year with a small tour in Australia, featuring a collaboration with the fantastic Speak Percussion duo in Melbourne. I will also do solo concerts in Hobart, Sydney and Perth. Then I have solo performances coming up in Spain, France, Germany and Norway...

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Le stanze out on SOFA 7th of october

Posted on 17:00

Dear all, my new solo album “Le stanze” is ready for release on LP/CD and digital download on the 7th of October. Check it out on the SOFA website. It can be ordered directly from the SOFA website or purchased digitally from Phonofile. Check out the longest track on the album...

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New solo online

Posted on 11:40

Dear all. A new solo performance has been uploaded from my concert in Santa Cruz, Tenerife 29th of april. The sound quality is not a 100% but its ok considering its just a mic on a camera. Hope you like it, have a look.

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Composing and studying

Posted on 12:59

Hello all, and happy 2016. After a very nice silent movie project at the Tromsø International filmfestival and a great concert with Dans les arbres at Dark Music Days in Reykjavik, Iceland, I look forward to be working on my two new solo albums, recording projects with Caroline Bergvalls DRIFT, Miguel Angel Tolosa, Raul Fernandez Miró  and a new project with Kim Myhr, Miguel Angel Tolosa, Morten Olsen and Sofia Jernberg. Composing projects coming up for the performance group Stella Polaris, the catalan/italian duo ARá and constructing a...

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Inside the inside

Posted on 18:54

I am happy to announce that my piece, “Inside the inside” for Vertixe Sonora Ensemble was premiered at Vertixe Vigo festival in Galicia, Spain on the 22nd of November. Hopefully this would be a beginning of a life for this piece. I wish to thank Vertixe Sonora for their work in commisioning and performing the...

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NEW SOLO PIECE: “TRIANGLE” out on OTOROKU, Cafe Oto onlineshop

Posted on 13:29

There is a new solopiece by me available for digital download here, taken from a solo gig at Cafe Oto in London last year. Hope you’ll enjoy it !  

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Dans les arbres nomination for the Nordic Council Music Prize !

Posted on 09:24

Dans les arbres has been nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize for 2015 ! Read more about it here.

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New album with Glück out on Mikroton

Posted on 09:19

The first release of the percussion quintett, Glück is now out on Mikroton recordings. Check it out!

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LabField and Huntsville albums out now on Hubro !

Posted on 12:50

               Two new albums by LabField and Huntsville are now available on the norwegian label Hubro. Go and check them out HERE...

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Miguel Angel Tolosa

Posted on 09:21

                  Two new releases are available in January. Both albums shows my collaboration with the great Miguel Angel Tolosa. Our first, but not last, duo album, “Loner” (SOFA 545) is out on SOFA by the end of the month. And Miguel Angels beautiful solo album, “Haereo” on Mystery Sea records is finally out, and I am fortunate to contribute on one track. Enjoy...

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End of the year

Posted on 16:22

A small portrait of me is to be heard here on Norwegian radio NRK P2. (Norwegian only….sorry).   It’s the end of the year, a year filled with many musical highlights such as: – Performances with the new project; “Two Hundred and Forty” with MURAL and videoartist Kjell Bjørgeengen. – The great England tour with Caroline Bergvall and Thomas Köppel performing DRIFT. – The lovely USA tour with Dans les arbres in November, finding new directions in our music. Next year is looking promising. –...

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Autumn news

Posted on 18:38

– Dear all. In september MURAL with Kjell Bjørgeengen will perform three shows in Paris, Geneva and Metz. I hope some of you manage to come out and see this special project. More info to be found in my concert calendar. – The project “DRIFT” is heading out on a tour in England during the first week of October. Also I am doing a solo gig at Cafe Oto on the 5th of October, sharing the night with the great Vilde & Inga duo. Hope to see you there ! – It looks like its going to be a busy start of the new year...

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Autumn 2014

Posted on 16:17

September is here and after a long relaxing summer, my activities are picking up again. Please log into the concert schedule for an update. – Two new releases are being presented at the Punkt festival in Kristiansand in Norway the first weekend of september: Erik Honoré’s great debut cd on Hubro which I have contributed on some tracks. Mural’s – Tempera, a limited cd release on (60 copies only...

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Posted on 16:19

Spring is here, and time has passed since my last update. There has been lots of things happening since the Japan tour with Huntsville in february. – Dans les arbres has been working with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble. A fruitful collaboration resulting in two concerts in Moss and Oslo. DLA also participated in the Symposium at The Music Academy in Oslo. A very nice gathering of people and interesting presentation of different groups working with improvisation in various forms. -I’ve done several solo concerts, and I am still working...

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Huntsville, Japantour

Posted on 19:46

A great experience as always being on tour with my friends in Huntsville, and always a pleasure to visit Japan. This time we played new music to Aki Kaurismaekis silent film; Juha. A dark film, which suits our music well, and it also gave us a chance to explore new material in the trio. Thanks Japan and thanks Aki. Thanks also to Tom Ohsawa for setting up the tour. Looking forward to next...

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Posted on 15:22

Take a look at this new solo video from French Radio.

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Australia done, Japan next !

Posted on 13:45

The Australia tour with MURAL and our new collaborator, Kjell Bjørgeengen on live video, was a real treat for me. This photo is taken from our 4 hour performance at the MONA FOMA festival in Hobart, Tasmania. Fantastic venue...

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Summary 2013

Posted on 19:53

– 2013 has been an eventful year. I have had time to do research and to compose music for my new solo album which will come out in the autumn next year. I’ve had the pleasure of developing my solo project alongside the great Miguel Angel Tolosa. Eventually our collaboration will also culminate in an album during the year. – Dans les arbres has had two great tours in Japan and Australia in 2013. We’ve also started doing an electronic version of the ensemble, and also managed to record  material for a new album. Next...

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