– 2013 has been an eventful year. I have had time to do research and to compose music for my new solo album which will come out in the autumn next year. I’ve had the pleasure of developing my solo project alongside the great Miguel Angel Tolosa. Eventually our collaboration will also culminate in an album during the year.

– Dans les arbres has had two great tours in Japan and Australia in 2013. We’ve also started doing an electronic version of the ensemble, and also managed to record  material for a new album. Next year also looks promising with a collaboration project with The Norwegian Wind Ensemble and a US tour in the autumn apart from seperate performances. Stay tuned on www.danslesarbres.net

– Huntsville released the bands 4th album, “Past Increasing, Future Receding last year followed by a release tour in Norway. In february Japan will be the destination with special shows performing with Aki Kaurismaki silent movie “Juha”. More info on www.huntsville.no

– The major highlight in 2013 for me was undoubtedly the 4 hour performance with MURAL at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX. To play for over four hours in this amazing space with the change of light and weather!!! (a thunderstorm kicked in after 2 1/2 hours) was unforgettable. Fortunately, the performance was recorded and it will be released as a triple cd sometime in 2014. MURAL will continue their long duration performances in the future. First thing coming up is an Australian tour in january 2014, this time inviting the visual artist Kjell Bjørgeengen on board.