Long time

Dear all, sorry for the silence, but there has been a gap of activity in general due to you-know-what. I am still working, producing music, and very into my artistic research project; The Vibrating Drum. I will be updating more with texts and videos on that specific...


After 10 years of waiting, “Bow Shoulder” is finally out on HUBRO, featuring Yuka Honda, Nels Cline, Darin Gray and Glenn Kotche. Recorded in Wilco studio in Chicago 2010. Check out this album here.


Yes, it is the only right thing to do to stop the virus from spreading. All my concerts are cancelled until May. I am staying at home with my family, composing, eating, sleeping and doing yoga. Hang in there everyone ! Hugs from Madrid


Exciting projects coming up in 2020: Tour in Australia in January with my trio O3 and Aviva Endean. We are artists in residence at the MONA FOMA festival in Tasmania.Playing with Kim Myhr’s YOU|ME at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, USA in march.Composing a new...